* one summer day

the rhythm of a day, today

as two eyes open

who told them to?


thoughts at bay

coolness pervades all through


settling into the stillness

on the ground

time and space no longer bound

expansiveness full existence

"duties" "plans" "worries" begin

knocking on, ever so gently

just like alwyna, isa and rob

the cute puppies of cocoa

sniffing the toe, licking the heel, paws in air


suns rays begin to peek through the clouds

gently, soberly, hues of blush


ravenous now

the plotting continues

what to make for breakfast

what can be done today

this and that, that too and this also


alwyna in full swing

punching, jumping

digging her nails in my trousers

isa joining in all the fun

rob slowly making his way through

to get a piece of me as well



the sweet fragrance of ripe warm mangoes beckons

tall trees, dark green leaves

dark brown bark

showering juicy mangoes on the ground

how it fits so snugly in the hand

warm, poke it, knead it, massage all the


bite the top off

and the pulp flows

so yellow

sweet and sour

so smooth, you're in heaven


thak, another one drops

pick some for everyone back at the ranch

some to dry

some for amras

some for manga curry

some for those who will visit

some for ... just some extra just in case

and another tree here

another one there

lost in mango bliss

the sack weighing down

heading back


the path brightly lit



- scribbled at sapna ranch, a family away from family and a home away from home 


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